Did anyone notice that while the stock market numbers were going down,
when we started to report our “numbers”, our numbers started to go up!
Just like President Monson said they would on page 150 in PMG.
Amazing what prophets know.
Thank you for your diligence. Much of what we are doing now will affect the mission for weeks and months to come.
We are training the future mission Leaders.
Bring your stories of success next week at 07:00 and any questions you have for the mission Presidency.
The Stake Presidency meets with them at 9:00 AM on the 14th.
Also, do you know of any changes that will or need to be made in mission housing. It’s nice to know 3 – 6
months in advance, and it’s a huge sacrifice, commitment and blessing for the families involved.
It’s nice not playing catch-up.
Every time you look out at Mt Hood
See D&C  110
The Mountain of the Lord
It’s the section where Elijah restored the Keys of the sealing power.
PS:  coolest Hebrew name,   ————- Elijah.  Why?
        El = God
        Jah = Jehova
        “i”  =   my
Elijah = “Jehovah is my God”   …………….  cool name
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Deuteronomy 28 — Keep the Commandments


If I read a certain Bible chapter,Deuteronomy 28, and had a television channel inform you that it came
from the Koran, you would say, “of course, that’s how they are.” But it didn’t. It’s the Bible.
I told the Elders that if they keep the commandments, they will prosper in the land….
the Vancouver East Stake, obedience is one of the great keys of missionary authority
and power.
That is the 1st blessing promised in the Book of Mormon, and it is in the book at least 22 times.
Obviously, it comes from the Torah which they had in Plates of Brass. (see I Nephi 5 : 11 )
So what is my point?   We are motivated by one of 2 things. #1 The desire for pleasure in some form, or
#2 the desire to avoid pain. Think about anything you do and ask yourself this question, ” why am I
doing this?” It is ultimately to gain pleasure or prevent an adverse outcome (pain).
Hence, you can motivate your Elders with reward (pleasure) or threaten them with pain.
Five of the 10 Commandments are “Thou shalt” (pleasure).
Five of the 10 Commandments are “Thou shalt not”.  (pain)
The Lord knows this pattern well. D&C 52:14. That’s why he wrote Deuteronomy 28.
I can’t believe this chapter made it into canon.
Read the whole chapter, then focus on verse 56-57.
And then know this happened in 66-70 AD
We don’t have it so badly. Not really. Not like I overheard this weekend, “It’s never been this bad before.”
The Lord has given us a pattern and a plan to gain pleasure, joy, and happiness.
“Keep the commandments and prosper in the land.”
Teach the Elders obedience, and they will be happy and they will prosper.
And they will have the strength to overcome adversity.
And your calling as Ward Mission Leader will be the source of much joy,
to you, you your family, and to the many lives you will ultimately influence.
Thinking of you,
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Dvar Torah

In the church we call it a spiritual thought. In Hebrew it’s called “Dvar Torah”.
The Rabbis teach that “every word” in the scriptures has meaning and is there for a reason.
This has caused me to slow down and pay much more attention to what I’m reading.
And then I attempt to “liken them unto ourselves”. Such was the case of that great WML, Moses.

In Exodus 33: 7-11 is a wonderful example of a WML showing his followers how to be.
It is MBWA. Management By Walking Around.
People do, what people see!

7And Moses took the tabernacle, and pitched it without the camp, afar off from the camp, and called it the aTabernacle of the congregation. And it came to pass, that every one which sought theLord went out unto the btabernacle of the congregation, which waswithout the camp.

 8And it came to pass, when Moses went out unto the tabernacle,that all the people rose up, and stood every man at his atent door, and looked after Moses, until he was gone into the tabernacle.

 9And it came to pass, as Moses entered into the tabernacle, theacloudy pillar descended, and stood at the door of the tabernacle, and the Lord talked with Moses.

 10And all the people saw the cloudy pillar stand at the tabernacle door: and all the people rose up and worshipped, every man in his tent door.

 11And the Lord aspake unto Moses bface to face, as a mancspeaketh unto his dfriend. And he turned again into the camp: but his servant eJoshua, the son of fNun, a young man, departed not out of the tabernacle.


The people watched Moses as he spent time with Jehova. It changed them more than any sermon
ever could. To enjoy an intimate relationship with God, as Moses did, we must do what Moses and
all the great Prophets have done.

1. vs 7 Separate yourself frequently.

2. vs 7 Seek God with all your heart.

3. vs 8 Be willing to be watched. You are.

4. vs 9 Learn to listen to God’s voice

5. vs 10-11 Enter into a covenant relationship regards your calling as WML

I an always thinking about you brethren and ways to move the work forward.
I’m grateful for the things you do. And I really want you to have joy in the work.

Gear up for a great Fall of 2011.

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Joseph Smith and the Torah

I included 2 attachments from the TORAH and its commentary that I thought you would find interesting.  The first is on the Urim and Thumim.  The second is Mormon Doctrine on the importance of prophecy and how we are all to be prophets.

I thought the explanation of the Urim and Thumim was excellent.  Apparently they all knew what it was so they didn’t need to explain it. The first recorded use in Exodus in Chapter 28 is whether we should go to war.  That would have really helped in the last 10 years. And if you read Section 9 of the

D&C, Joseph explained exactly how it worked. A “yes” was given an answer.  A “no” and it remained silent.  I didn’t know Joseph had read the TORAH commentary:)

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Stake Missionary Ministry Night June 16th, 2011

Notes from Bishop Leland Anderson of the High Council:

Anderson Snippet:

Your healthy body temperature is 98.6.  D&C Section 98:6, “befriending the constitutional law of the land”

Please read Preach My Gospel Ch. 8. Page 147 Use time Wisely *Set  Goals 2-10)

New Instruction:

Each Sunday Night the ward mission is to report back the following to the stake…

  1. How many new investigators you have.
  2. How many are progressing.
  3. How many are on date.
  4. How many have been baptized.

 Notes from President Hartley on Focus Families:

  1. What are we selling? It’s simple. We are selling Repentance!

It is the job of the ward council to come up with a list of focus families. 

(The ward mission leader coordinates but does not create the list himself.)

2.   Those families/individuals on the list need to meet with the bishop and repent.

3.   Members find and invite.

4.   The invitation… Ask the question: “Is it time for you to come back to the Gospel?” (If the answer is no then remove them from your list and move on.)

5.    Missionaries Teach! (It is not the job of the full time elders to find, that is up to the members)

6.   It is the job of the Priesthood, High Priest and Elders to look after and fellowship these families through Home Teaching.

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Easter and Elijah


The elders should be inviting everyone to our “Easter Sunday” services. They can use the cover of the new Church News from the 1st Presidency as their message.

Remember we have 2 spanish speaking sisters in our area.

Plan for a great Easter this weekend.

Enjoy Passover now.

Most people consider the last supper as a passover meal. They are always held in a home, not a church or a synagog.

And they know too the importance of Eliyahu (Elijah). They always leave an empty chair at the Seder Table for him.

Note:  El = God

          Yah = Jehovah

His name means — “Jehovah is our God”

What a great name. My name is just Leland. It means, I’m grateful for all you do.

Thank you

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Urim and Thumim


I enjoy your insights. You have been using Hebrew for years. Where do you think “Urim and Thumim” came from?

And:   Bet =  house

           Lechem = bread

Bet lechem = house of bread

The Savior was born in Bethlehem  or the house of bread.

And I’ve always believed, when the missionaries are ready, the investigators appear…… as they did on Sunday in Parkers Landing!

Be ready. There are people looking for us and they know not where to find us.

Be a “Watchman on the tower”and you will see them. I promise.


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