08 Aug


Did anyone notice that while the stock market numbers were going down,
when we started to report our “numbers”, our numbers started to go up!
Just like President Monson said they would on page 150 in PMG.
Amazing what prophets know.
Thank you for your diligence. Much of what we are doing now will affect the mission for weeks and months to come.
We are training the future mission Leaders.
Bring your stories of success next week at 07:00 and any questions you have for the mission Presidency.
The Stake Presidency meets with them at 9:00 AM on the 14th.
Also, do you know of any changes that will or need to be made in mission housing. It’s nice to know 3 – 6
months in advance, and it’s a huge sacrifice, commitment and blessing for the families involved.
It’s nice not playing catch-up.
Every time you look out at Mt Hood
See D&C  110
The Mountain of the Lord
It’s the section where Elijah restored the Keys of the sealing power.
PS:  coolest Hebrew name,   ————- Elijah.  Why?
        El = God
        Jah = Jehova
        “i”  =   my
Elijah = “Jehovah is my God”   …………….  cool name
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